A 23-year-old girl from Zlatoust lost 105 kg. Here’s how she did it

Sasha Osipova grew up as a thin child until a misfortune happened. At the age of three, she had to undergo treatment for poisoning with a chemical anti-tick drug that entered her body along with a leaf from a treated bush.

After treatment, her hormonal levels went wrong, and her weight began to increase by leaps and bounds.

By the time she graduated from school, the girl weighed 125 kilograms. This is size 62. But she didn’t have a complex: her friends loved her as she was, and she dressed fashionably. Sasha recalls:

“I ordered things on the Internet, even my friends were surprised at my wardrobe. I wasn’t embarrassed to wear sheer or tight ones. For example, I had leopard-print leggings – everything was like in jokes about fat women.”

In companies, the guys met her friends, and they told her that she was just a good person. And the upset girl constantly asked herself the question – since I am such a good person, why doesn’t anyone love me. She just didn’t realize her weight.

Sasha ate everything and never stepped on the scale. She was sure that she weighed “only” 120-130 kilograms, until one day a friend persuaded her to weigh herself.

It turned out that the weight had become catastrophic – 160 kilograms with a height of 172 cm.

The girl decided to lose at least 10 kilograms. To begin with, I reduced the amount of sweets, eating not a whole cake in the evening :), but a piece. For lunch I ate not pizza, but buckwheat.

The result was not long in coming. Ten kilograms disappeared in two months.

And then Sasha took herself seriously. I read articles on the Internet about healthy eating, walked a lot, and then signed up for fitness. The loads have become greater.

But the next 20 kilograms took a year! And the sneakers were worn out to holes from intense exercise.

Every day the girl ran at least eight kilometers, plus spent one and a half to two hours in the gym.

She paid special attention to her diet. Sasha completely stopped eating sweets, potatoes and bread. I switched to boiled and steamed. I learned to eat without salt.


Now she has decided to lose weight to 70 kilograms. And by the end of the third year, I achieved my goal.

But after losing weight, new difficulties appeared. Instead of fat, there was loose skin and stretch marks. Alexandra dreams of abdominoplasty – an operation that would help rid her of excess skin.

She is not afraid of the scar that will remain on her body, because it can be disguised with a tattoo. Almost a hundredweight of lost weight left about five kilos of stretched skin on my stomach.

Unfortunately, it’s not pretty. Sasha hides her belly and cannot wear an open swimsuit. But she doesn’t have the money for an expensive operation yet.

Sasha’s clothing size is now S – the dream of all girls. But Sasha keeps enormous leggings and a blouse at home in plain sight. Like an ironclad motivator.

Alexandra plans to become a fitness trainer to show by example that anything is possible if you really want it.

I would like to wish this strong-willed girl that her dream comes true and that she finds a sponsor who will help her pay for the expensive operation!

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