When the floor breaks under you, you realize that something needs to change in life. He realized that it was time to change and took a bold step to transform his life. Now he is unrecognizable. YOu won’t believe your eyes. 

Sometimes there comes a moment in life when it becomes clear that it is time to change something in it. Umar Malik from London even had two events that made him change his lifestyle. At first, the scales could no longer determine his weight, because they were not designed for weights greater than 170 kilograms, and then the floor in the shower could not support it, and water began to leak into the kitchen.

In those days, in a day, Umar managed to eat 10 pieces of bread, 8 eggs, 3 servings of rice with chicken and drink 2 liters of soda (chocolate bars, chips and pies were also added to all this wealth). The calorie content of such a diet exceeded 7000 calories, and thanks to this diet, Umar wore size 6XL and weighed approximately 177 kilograms. But one day he firmly decided to change everything.

“It all started in childhood – I always loved to eat delicious food and enjoyed food”

According to Umar, he grew up in a typical Eastern family, where it was believed that if a child eats a lot, then he is doing well. The result of this upbringing was that over time, Umar was unable to find clothes in his size, so he had to wear his father’s clothes.

However, as a teenager, Umar not only ate a lot, but also tried to work out in the gym

But Umar spent time there not so much to lose weight, but to be alone. The young man admits that over time he completely closed himself off and hardly communicated with anyone.

But when the scales and the floor in the bathroom clearly hinted to him that it was time to do something, Umar decided to take himself seriously

He started going to the gym every day and reduced his calorie intake to 3,000 per day. Umar went on a diet and began to eat 6 times a day, but in small portions. And such painstaking work could not help but pay off!

Gradually, Umar managed to lose weight from 177 kilograms to 100 and get pumped up properly

In 4.5 years, Umar lost 77 kilograms, and now he is incredibly proud of his achievement: “I wanted to become strong and I became strong. Now I just fuel my body so it’s always ready to go.”

Having gone through such a difficult path, Umar realized what he wanted to do in this life – now the man works as a coach

“I often get emotional – I’ve been through it all and I know what it’s like and how people feel in such moments. After all, losing weight is a very difficult process,” says Umar.

Umaru likes to help people at the gym because he knows how important other people’s support is there.

However, Umar still cannot believe the changes that have happened to him. “This whole thing has 100% changed my life, but I’m still not very aware of my weight, so I feel like I’m a lot bigger than I look in the mirror,” Umar says.

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