The identity of Joe Jonas’s new girlfriend has been revealed: fans are surprised

Joe Jonas’s new girlfriend has been revealed, and fans are taken aback by the news. You will be shocked when you know which celebrity star she is.

Joe Jonas, unlike his ex-wife Sophie Turner, is not doing well with his personal life after the divorce. While the actress is healing her wounds in the arms of Peregrine Pearson, the Jonas Brothers lead singer managed to break up with model Stormy Bree and start a new romance. The other day, the paparazzi caught Joe on vacation in Athens with a mysterious stranger. There is no doubt that there is something more between them than just a friendly relationship: the couple hugged sweetly. To the delight of fans, Daily Mail journalists quickly dug up information about the girl.

The celebrity’s new chosen one is 28-year-old actress Laila Abdallah. In her homeland – Kuwait – she is a star: at the beginning of her career she was a model and starred in music videos, and then in films. She has 25 TV series and 4 feature films. But what surprised Joe’s fans most was that Lila also went through a divorce – in 2018 – and has not been seen with anyone since then. The couple, in general, definitely have something to discuss. Last Friday, by the way, she and Jonas were at the same party, but it is unknown whether they knew each other before the event.

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