🌟 “From Bullying to Beauty: Once mocked as a ‘fat cow’ in school, this inspiring woman has undergone a remarkable transformation. You will be shocked seeing what a radical change she has undergone. She is simply unrecognizable. 

This is a beauty! Truly angelic appearance!

Until recently, Ekaterina Peshkova from Perm weighed more than 90 kg, but a meeting with a modeling agent completely changed her life!

Now Ekaterina takes part in shows of the most famous fashion houses: Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and Alberta Ferretti.

Incredible transformation, isn’t it?

The young talent was discovered by Svetlana Motygina from the Belle agency. This is what she said about this fateful meeting:  “I found Katya right on the street. My husband and I were driving in a car, hurrying to run errands, but then the face of an angel flashed in the crowd…”

At that moment, Katya was only 14 years old. Now the girl recalls with horror the lifestyle she led:  “I ate everything: fast food, buns, pasta, I loved soda. It got to the point that one day the scales showed me the number 91 kg!”

Although Svetlana immediately saw good potential in Katya, she warned the girl that she needed to seriously take care of her weight. The future model could not refuse such a tempting offer. She decided to pull herself together and get rid of the extra pounds.

Katya began to lead a healthy lifestyle. By the age of 17, the girl weighed only 60 kg with a height of 176 cm!

Although the girl did not even have money to visit a fitness club, the director of the modeling agency began working with the girl for free. As part of her training, Katya studied modeling theory, acting and fashion shows.

The future model also improved her knowledge of English and actively attended photo trainings.

The hopes of the director of the modeling agency were fully justified: Katya’s first studio photographs were noticed by her foreign partners. They immediately invited the girl to work in Japan.

After Katya starred in Asian Vogue, the international agency Next signed a contract with her for 5 years.

The model willingly shares the secret of her weight loss: all you need to do is eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water.

But the most important thing is motivation, without it you will never succeed in any field. If you do not strive for progress, then quit dieting, exercising, and morning jogging in a month, if not a week.

You need to lose weight “for something!”, and not just “to look beautiful.”

Perhaps the story of this beauty is similar to a fairy tale, but such a transformation is the result of her great work on herself! Ekaterina Peshkova proved to everyone by personal example that any girl can change her life.

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