«Blake Lively’s new hot photos!🔥”I don’t want to be thin,” said Blake Lively, flaunting her larger frame in a tight dress.»

Famous for her skill on the red carpet, Blake Lively also has amazing taste when it comes to her regular clothes. In her daily routine, the actress favors audacious and colorful ensembles, frequently combining lively colors and whimsical accents. Lively combines glitter and maximalism, adding individuality and flair to her clothing while defying subdued luxury norms.

Amazingly, Lively chooses every outfit on her own without the help of a stylist. She discussed her passion for fashion and design in an interview, emphasizing how choosing her clothes lets her be creative: “I love design and I love fashion, and it’s my way of being creative,” she said.

Lively recently made waves at a photo session in Rome by wearing a bold and unusual garment that drew attention to her form. The inner layer of the dress was a tight white bodysuit with a plunging neckline, covered in a white pearl overlay that resembled mesh. What made the dress even more attractive was the striking back slit.

Lively values spending time with her family, even with her hectic work schedule. She took a break earlier this week to go to her friend Taylor Swift’s concert in Madrid, Spain, accompanied by her three daughters, Betty, James, and Inez.

Throughout the performance, Taylor even recognized the young audience members and expressed her happiness to see them up on stage. The next night, Lively and her kids attended the performance once more, this time with her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

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