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Once praised for her delicate figure, famed singer Nelly Furtado has undergone a dramatic shift that has astonished and encouraged admirers. Furtado’s transformation from a thin woman in the 2000s to her present larger appearance has spurred conversations among her admirers around self-acceptance and body image.

Furtado’s altered appearance during recent performances has drawn parallels to her previous persona, with some fans expressing astonishment at her weight gain, especially around her hips. Discussions on Furtado’s body were further sparked by a social media picture that showed her in skimpy attire. Fans’ responses to the image ranged from support to criticism.

Furtado’s weight increase worried some admirers, but it also won her praise for accepting her body and the inevitable changes it brings with age. Despite the criticism, Furtado’s confidence and beauty were applauded by many, who also noted that her changing look did not take away from her skill or attraction.

When Furtado’s album “The Ride” was released in 2017, marking her comeback to the music industry, it was then that her weight gain first became noticeable. Furtado showed her tenacity and will by continuing to draw attention with her songs and public appearances despite the first shock.

At the age of 45, Furtado made a statement in a provocative cover photo for Fault magazine by dressing in a tight-striped jumpsuit. Her bold dress choices are a reflection of her unabashed attitude toward style and individuality.

Furtado’s weight gain has been attributed by some to personal hardships and life events, while others see it as a normal aspect of aging. For this reason, Furtado’s path encourages followers to love and accept who they are—body and all—and serves as a reminder of the value of doing so.

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