It’s hard to believe, but these photographs show the same person. The girl transformed into a real model. Check out the shocking transformation of this fat girl in the comments 

At the age of 22, Laura Miketic, who ironically calls herself the “Iron Giant,” weighed almost 140 kilograms and had a whole bunch of diseases associated with excess weight. At some point, Laura realized that she wanted to change her life: “I tried several times to put my health in order, but every time something didn’t work out.

Eventually my weight became a serious problem, so I even considered weight loss surgery.” However, instead of going under the knife, she decided to go under the barbell, and this changed her life dramatically, so much so that it became clear that she was unlikely to need medical intervention.

According to her, she was always plump, but this did not bother her at all

However, in 2014, she began to have health problems, and she decided not to put her life in danger and to lose weight

Laura always knew that somewhere inside her there lived an athlete who wanted to run and jump, and not suffer from shortness of breath.

That is why Laura decided to take her weight seriously and began reading literature about healthy weight loss.

Having decided to move from theory to practice, Laura came to the gym, where at first sight she fell in love with the barbell

The girl began to play sports almost every day

In addition, she completely changed her diet, giving up junk food and alcohol.

In the first year, Laura managed to lose almost 50 kilograms, and she decided not to stop there

Laura now weighs approximately 88 kilograms


However, Laura was faced with the problem of sagging skin, so she finally decided to have surgery

Now the girl is recovering from surgery and is waiting for the moment when she can return to the gym again.

To continue to play sports and support your subscribers on the difficult path of transformation!

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