Kim Kardashian told how four children from Kanye West turned her birthday into torture: “No one is interested in my dreams”

“No one is interested in my dreams”. Kim Kardashian revealed that her four children with Kanye West turned her birthday into chaos. You will be shocked knowing what she did with her children after that.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has complained that raising four children with Kanye West is difficult for her. Previously, celebrities admitted that sometimes they even lock themselves in the bathroom when the heirs do not allow her to do business or simply sit on her head. Kim, in her own words, would like to be stricter, but is unable to cope with it. In the latest episode of the family reality show, she said that her sons and daughters turned her birthday into real torture.

Kimberly candidly responded to a question about how her 43rd birthday was with the word “nightmare.” She dreamed of spending the holiday alone, but instead she had to deal with North, Chichi, Saint and Psalm. “I thought that on my birthday I would have a day dedicated to myself. I was stuck doing everything everyone else wanted. You should have seen what I did that day. No one is interested in my dreams,” the celebrity shared.

She added that, of course, it is normal for a mother to do what her children like, but she does not like at all. However, the nerves seem to be finally giving way. It looks like Kim should send her heirs on vacation to her father – his new chosen one, Bianca Censori, who is closer to them in age, will certainly be able to entertain her husband’s children.

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