A 37-year-old teacher underwent a striking transformation from wearing dark, drab robes to becoming a bright and interesting blonde. You will be shocked 

A 37-year-old teacher in “dark robes” was turned into a bright, interesting blonde…

The project included teacher Yulia, who was thirty-seven years old.  She was encouraged to participate in the program by her own student. The girl really wanted to see her favorite teacher in feminine, bright images.

Julia has a model body type, which is called “banana”.  With the right combination of clothes, you can transform it beyond recognition.

Julia chose outfits in the Fashion Store together with her student.

The first look  consisted of a pink cardigan, high-waisted leather skirt, and white T-shirt. The main character looked good in it.

The second look is represented by a striped shirt dress and gray shoes. This outfit is too dark for the main character’s type. She looks very comical in it.

The outfit from  the third look  looks better than the previous two. It is represented by a dark green dress with a V-neck and light-colored stilettos. The main character looks simply great in it. No one expected her to have such luxurious hair.

Now let’s evaluate the work of the stylists.  Julia had her hair cut and dyed it blonde. She also had a very successful, discreet make-up done.

The woman’s first look  consisted of a blue jacket, a white T-shirt, studded sweatpants, platform sports shoes, an amazing red shoulder bag and… a fluffy mustachioed pet.

It was thanks to this cat that Julia met her ex-man at an animal exhibition. In such an outfit and with such a cute purring companion, the main character looks very bright.

The second outfit  turned out to be a little massive. It consisted of a pink coat, brick pants, a white shirt, cute blue shoes, and a pretty pink handbag.

In terms of color scheme, it is very advantageous, but the items themselves added extra volume to Julia’s figure.

The third look , presented with a beautiful fuchsia dress, bright red stilettos and a cute clutch, looks simply chic.

Its special “highlight” is the glasses with interesting frames.

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