«Time really flies! 😱How Has Jasper From “Twilight” Changed Through Time!»

Jackson Rathbone tried out for the part of Edward Cullen during the “Twilight” casting process, but instead, he was cast as his mysterious brother, Jasper. It’s really difficult to identify the handsome young man with golden hair in his present outfit these days!

Jackson Rathbone has a significant filmography and has been an actor for about 20 years. But it was his turn as Jasper Hale in the “Twilight Saga” that shot him to fame. Jasper gained the devotion of millions of admirers worldwide despite having very little speaking and screen time.

Jackson, who is 38 years old, still keeps up a social media presence where he periodically references his previous life as a “vampire,” but his major priorities are being a loving husband and father.

Jackson and his spouse have been married for more than ten years and are raising three children together. His Instagram profile primarily features family-oriented photos, such as romantic nights spent at home or exciting trips taken with the whole family.

Jackson’s look has changed dramatically from his “Twilight” days throughout the years. Is it because of his facial hair? This face feature, as they claim, can significantly change a man’s perception!

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