She got her first film role at the age of 40!😳

The entire Magnificent Century fandom was shocked by the sudden change of actress playing the role of Hurrem in the fourth season. The mature Vahida Gerdyum, who only vaguely resembled the familiar and beloved Meryem Uzerli, was treated with caution.

But the actress did not disappoint fans of the series. She did an excellent job of conveying the character of the already mature Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, who, nevertheless, retained her status as the beloved wife of Sultan Suleiman.
Filming began when the woman was already 48 years old. This was precisely the main complaint against the actress. But she, with her characteristic calm and prudence, noticed that by the end of the saga, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was no longer young.

At the same time, the audience did not yet know that before the role of Hurrem, Vahide had minimal experience on the silver screen. Nevertheless, critics have given her the unspoken status of one of the most talented and brightest Turkish theater actresses. Let’s figure out how her creative path began.

Vahide was born on June 13, 1965 in a family of Greek immigrants. The actress’s birthplace is the Turkish city of Izmir. The little girl did not want to do ordinary things like her parents, who worked as a driver and a housewife. Since childhood, she saw herself on stage and persistently pursued her dream.

After school, she entered the Faculty of Fine Arts. Vahide’s second education is related to economics. However, it hardly developed in specialties. The girl began to perform. First in her hometown, then in Ankara and Adana, where she had contracts with state theaters.

Vahide Gerdyum received her first film role at the age of 40. But her talent helped her achieve recognition. Now the artist has many prestigious state and international awards.

Fame outside Turkey just came to her after the role of the mature Hurrem. At first the woman refused to take it on. It took a lot of persuasion and even a request from Meryem Uzerli’s representatives for her to agree to participate in the project.

In 2011, Gerdyum faced a serious problem. She was diagnosed with cancer. Long persistent treatment, support from children and ex-husband yielded results. Now the woman is absolutely healthy and intends to continue her career. By the way, like her daughter Aliza, who also became an actress.

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