Cillian Murphy’s fans pecked his wife online because of her uncine appearance

“Gray Mouse”: Cillian Murphy’s wife has faced online criticism from some of his fans because of her appearance, which they deemed “uncinematic.” Why did they say such things and what does she look like?? 

Fans of Hollywood handsome Cillian Murphy nicknamed the actor’s wife “gray mouse” in the comments. The Oscar winner is not going to be led by public opinion.

Killian boldly appears in public with Yvonne McGuinness and tirelessly confesses his love to the woman. Let us remember that the blue-eyed heartthrob has been faithful to one woman for 20 years. Anyone dreams of being in her place!

“Men like Killian are worthy of respect”, “Murphy is the standard of male fidelity and love”, “One of the few actors who did not exchange an ordinary wife for a long-legged model”, “An actor from God”,

“A very beautiful couple”, “I admire Killian”, “My respect”, “In my opinion, they really are not a couple”, “They don’t look together at all”, “I imagined a completely different woman next to Murphy”,

“Don’t drink water off your face,” “Such a modest woman with unusual natural beauty,” write Internet users under photographs of the Hollywood actor and his wife.

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