Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time after she was diagnosed with cancer: photo

Kate Middleton made her first public appearance after being diagnosed with cancer. She is so thin … You will be shocked by her appearance

Finally, this day has come: Kate Middleton returned to her royal duties six months later. The last time the princess, who is battling cancer, attended a public event was last year – on December 25. But today, William’s wife, as promised , arrived at the Trooping the Color parade in honor of the king’s birthday.

Shortly before the ceremony began, paparazzi photographed Kate in the car on the way to Buckingham Palace, accompanied by her husband and three children. It is expected that within a couple of hours she, along with other members of the royal family, will appear on the balcony, where she will watch the flight of British Air Force fighters. Then we will definitely enjoy the princess’s signature smile, which we have missed these six months!

Later, the princess was seen in the ceremonial carriage in a wonderful mood: that same smile was in place. By the way, Kate looks just great: checkmate to supporters of all kinds of conspiracy theories!

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