«Shape Is Important: 😮How Some Celebrities Appear So Differently Even When Wearing The Same Clothes?»

The person who elevates the garments is what makes them, not the clothes themselves. This conclusion was drawn from our analysis of celebrities who wore the same clothes for a whole year. Remarkably, age and body type don’t appear to matter much; many women, no matter what shape they are in, can make some gowns look more attractive than others.

Consider J.Lo, who at 51 easily outshines a 22-year-old wearing a sheer outfit.

And beside the ever-beautiful Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim, with her wide shoulders, gives off a warrior-like air in a Balmain costume.

But not every ensemble works well on a variety of figures. For example, Courtney Love’s kid in a silk design by Riccardo Tisci could not quite evoke the same fascination as Irina Shayk.

Similar to how Kate Hudson shone in a Maria Lucia Hohan dress in 2016, Frida Pinto’s version didn’t have the same effect a year later, maybe as a result of minor variations in the fabric color or cut.

Velvet clothing can also be hard, as Tamara Ecclestone’s daughter showed when she wore a green Tom Ford garment that was more like a regional cultural palace curtain than a sensual ensemble. On the other hand, Natasha Poly looks elegant and seductive in the same outfit.

Furthermore, even though black normally flatters, Rebekah Vardy’s shape in an Alexander McQueen dress was emphasized while Zoe Saldana’s silhouette was enhanced.

Kim Kardashian, who is frequently the focus of criticism, disregarded her detractors by wearing a latex dress, demonstrating that bold fashion can look attractive on some body types.

Melanie Griffith’s outfit choice hindered her ability to project a seductive aura. Choosing a white dress, as Kate Middleton did, would have made her look more mysterious and spared her the awkward situation of having to cover up her undergarments.

It’s clear from looking at Alessandra Ambrosio, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé that voluptuous bodies and short, tight dresses don’t necessarily go along well.

Do you agree with this article? Whose appearance do you like most of all? Share your opinion in the first comment!

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