«The secret is already opened!😮Kirk Douglas bequeaths his $50 million wealth to someone you’ll never guess.»🤔

At the age of 103, Kirk Douglas gave up the majority of his estimated $61 million wealth to charitable organizations. The Douglas Foundation intends to contribute $50 million to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Westwood’s Sinai Temple, Kirk Douglas Theater, and St. Lawrence College—Douglas’ alma mater—according to a recent article.

The foundation’s goal is to “assist those who are otherwise unable to help themselves,” according to its website. Douglas, the son of Jewish immigrants, was poor as a child. He gave to several organizations, hospitals, and schools in exchange. These include moves to Jerusalem and Southern California, as well as his former high school in Amsterdam, New York.

The whereabouts of his remaining wealth are unknown, although there are rumors that his well-known actor son Michael, along with his two other less well-known kids, will not get any inheritance. Furthermore, Michael doesn’t appear to have required the additional funds given his reported $300 million net wealth.

The choice to give his riches to charity was also not a surprise. Douglas and his spouse discussed their foundation and their plan to contribute the proceeds to charitable organizations in a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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