Angelina Jolie and her 15-year-old daughter demonstrated a harmonious family image on the red carpet: photo

Angelina Jolie and her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne, showcased a harmonious family image on the red carpet, capturing attention with their coordinated appearances and close bond.

Brad Pitt seems to have spent Father’s Day in splendid isolation, because the actor’s children have long sided with mother Angelina Jolie in this never-ending battle for property and custody of his heirs – and even such a touching holiday was no exception. For example, the youngest daughter of the ex-spouses, Vivienne, who not long ago abandoned her father’s surname, last Sunday demonstratively attended the Tony Awards with her mother – for a 15-year-old girl this evening was especially important.

The thing is that the musical “The Outsiders,” in the production of which Vivienne was directly involved, was nominated in 12 categories. Not bad for the debut of a young non-child, right? Of course, Vivien simply couldn’t miss this, even for her father’s sake, and she and Angie walked out on the red carpet. The appearance of Jolie and her daughter generally deserves special attention, since they went out in a harmonious family-look: for the event, Angelina chose a luxurious sea green velvet dress, and Vivienne chose a white shirt, as well as trousers, a vest and a bow tie to match her mother’s outfit .

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