Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt plan to introduce lovers Gigi Hadid and Ines de Ramon – the reason will surprise

Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt are planning to introduce their respective partners, Gigi Hadid and Ines de Ramon. The reason behind this introduction will shock you 

The friendship between Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt is built not only on the fact that the actors have been working side by side in the acting field for many years. Their warm relationship was influenced much more by the fact that both lead a sober lifestyle and stay away from alcohol and addictive drugs. It was thanks to Bradley that Brad became a patron of Alcoholics Anonymous in Hollywood. Now the friendship of the actors is stronger than ever.

In this regard, the celebrities made an important decision – to introduce their current chosen ones Gigi Hadid and Ines de Ramon. Both have been happy in relationships with girls for quite a long time, and therefore now is the time for such a step, and there is a good reason for this. Having become close as couples, Brad and Bradley plan to create something like a sober company with parties where there is no need to hide from alcohol or drugs. Inez and Gigi support their boyfriends in their sobriety like no other, and therefore introducing them is an ideal way for sober friends to spend time. In Touch Weekly learned about this in a conversation with an anonymous source.

It is clarified that to this day Cooper and Pitt take their addictions in the past seriously. “If you’re around either of these guys, Cooper or Pitt, you’ll personally feel the tension and a lot of vulnerability,” the insider noted. It’s very important for actors to stick together. As for the star of “The Hangover,” he can confidently be called a “monk,” because that’s exactly what he seems like in Gigi’s eyes. “He is obsessed with staying sober and living a virtuous, positive life and avoids almost anyone who abuses booze or pills. It’s not an easy task in New York, and Brad Pitt faces the same challenges in Los Angeles!” — concluded the publication’s interlocutor.

To be honest, we imagine this company on a double date better than lonely 49-year-old Bradley Cooper surrounded by Gigi Hadid’s friends, who are almost half their age! The main thing is that this time the celebrities choose not a Taylor Swift concert for a joint walk .

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