«A picture of a Bulgarian princess shocked everyone. 😱What Does the Son of the Princess Who Ruined Herself With Plastic Surgery Look Like?»

A picture of Kalina, the sole daughter of Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria and Margarita Gomez-Acebo and Sehuela of Spain, caused concern among many in the internet community. Supporters of the royal family conjectured about Kalina’s altered appearance, wondering if it resulted from a botched plastic surgery procedure or from an unreported occurrence.

Examining old photographs of Kalina, journalists noticed changes in her look after she gave birth to her son, Antonio Jose (Kitin) Munoz Valcarsela, with her Spanish Moroccan lover. Social media commentary on Kalina’s transformation varied from condolences to theories on why she looked so different.

While some people highlighted more significant underlying concerns, others blamed it on mistakes made after plastic surgery.

Despite the rumors regarding Kalina’s looks, fans also complimented her son and expressed sympathy for any difficulties she could be experiencing.

Online viewers expressed a combination of intrigue and alarm in the conversation surrounding the princess’s images.

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