The dark-skinned model got married to a blueoeyed blonde. And now they have incredibly beautiful children who blend the best features of both parents. Now look what they look like.

People have heard about this unusual couple in different parts of the world. The couple live in Australia, and when they walk through the streets of their hometown, passers-by do not hide their curiosity.

Everyone is literally staring at the couple. Still would! She is a stunningly beautiful dark-skinned girl, he is a blue-eyed blond. Everyone is perplexed how such different people found each other and fell in love!

And it was like this. The couple met on the Internet. The guy found his future wife’s profile on a dating site. He literally fell in love with her from the first photo. But this is not surprising: the stranger was a model. Her appearance and figure can be the envy of many.

They met, and the girl reciprocated. Thus began their romantic relationship, and two years later he proposed to her. Right in the middle of the city square, he asked for his beloved’s hand in marriage. She agreed. This touching moment was captured on camera.

By the way, the video gained incredible popularity! It spread all over the Internet, and people all over the world began to follow the unusual couple. There was no negativity, everyone was happy for the future family.

Soon the wedding took place. Everyone just wanted the newlyweds to have children as soon as possible. It was even difficult to imagine how beautiful their children would be.

The couple had a wonderful girl. She truly took the best from her parents.

Two years later the girl had a sister. The baby is only a year old, but everyone is already sure: the sisters will grow up and be incredibly beautiful girls.

The couple live for their own pleasure. She is a blogger, he is a photographer. They love each other and their children madly. And they are another proof that the world is truly ruled by love. And no obstacles in the form of different race, nationality or appearance can break her.

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