He shouldn’t have done it. The groom decided to play a prank by answering “no” to the officiant’s question. But the reaction of the bride was more shocking than his joke. What happened next will shock you. 

This unpleasant story happened in one of the Russian registry offices 15 years ago. A harmless joke by the groom during the wedding ceremony resulted in a terrible scandal, and could lead to a terrible catastrophe, because of which the couple would simply separate.

Valery and Elena have been friends since first grade. And when they grew up, friendship was replaced by love. There was complete harmony and mutual understanding between the guys, only Valera had some strange sense of humor. His jokes were sometimes simply inappropriate, and Elena had to be ashamed of her boyfriend. But over the years, the girl got used to his humor and did not pay attention.

After graduating from school, the lovers entered the same institute together, and in their last year they were expected to be assigned. To avoid being separated, the guys decided to get married. There was no time at all to prepare the ceremony; the dean’s office demanded a marriage certificate in advance.

The couple decided to save money on the celebration so that they could relax somewhere at a resort. The bride’s dress was made by a friend, the rings were bought by her parents, and the banquet was ordered for a small number of guests.

And now the long-awaited day has come. Elena in a light pink dress made of guipure, and Valery in a light gray suit stood in the festive hall in front of a smiling registry office employee. When the woman said all the necessary solemn words and asked the main question to the groom, “Does he agree to take Elena as his wife…”, then at that moment Valera decided to joke. At first he didn’t answer, and then, laughing, he asked the registry office worker: “Well, what do you think?”

There was laughter among the few guests, and the bride blushed and looked reproachfully at her betrothed. The registrar repeated the question, but the groom broke up and answered: “Or maybe I don’t want to.”

The registry office employee did not understand Valera’s humor, but simply announced that in this case, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, marriage cannot be concluded, and left the hall.

The bride immediately burst into tears, the guests were seriously scared, and the groom was completely downcast. Everyone rushed to persuade the registrar to return. But the woman categorically refused to do this. Even the persuasion of the registry office workers did not work.

As a result, when the bride and groom and the guests realized that the ceremony was over, the head of the institution appeared and issued a marriage certificate, and the newlyweds were able to sign in the registration book. The lovers were lucky that it all ended this way, but everyone’s mood was definitely ruined, especially the bride’s.

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