A woman embarked on a weight loss journey and successfully shed her excess weight. However, in the process, she also lost some of her friends. What does she look like now and why did her friends reflected in such a way??

Nicole Kaperila, originally from Connecticut, suffered from excess weight from an early age. As a child, she was very fond of tasty but unhealthy food: the girl’s diet consisted of hamburgers and pizza, which soon ruined her developing figure.

As Nicole grew up, she realized that, like any girl, she wants to please the opposite sex. To do this, she decided to get in shape. She compiled a healthy menu for herself and gradually began to lose weight. Some time later, Kaperila became pregnant.

After the first birth, the young mother gained excess weight again and could no longer lose weight because she again began to eat high-calorie foods. Due to her busy schedule, Nicole was forced to work at night. This contributed to the gain of extra pounds, as she was eating away from lack of sleep.

The obesity was accompanied by constant poor health and lack of good mood. The woman lacked energy and began to develop various diseases, including diabetes and apnea.

In 2017, a fateful event occurred that forced Nicole to take decisive steps. Looking at her photograph, she was horrified by her appearance. That same year, the woman underwent surgery to reduce the size of her stomach, depriving her of the physical ability to eat in large quantities.

After two weeks, doctors cleared Nicole to exercise, and she began going to the gym six times a week. Along with this, the heroine replaced public transport with walking and walking. She also changed her usual diet, including foods high in protein, as well as vegetables and fruits in large quantities.

As the girl admitted, the most difficult thing for her was the reaction of her friends, from whom she heard caustic jokes about her desire to lose weight.

Friends with whom Nicole had been close all her life openly laughed at her when the excess weight began to disappear. Instead of support and understanding, the girl heard constant criticism and remarks from them. So she decided to get rid of her envious friends.

The heroine’s husband supported her and was always by her side. Soon other people appeared in Kaperila’s life who never offended her.

Nicole, who used to weigh 120 kilograms, today weighs only 57 kilograms. She became a motivating example for thousands of overweight girls. The woman decided to use her personal experience in life and became a professional trainer.

The heroine of this story believes that everyone is capable of such a transformation, the main thing is not to wait for the right day for this, but to start working on yourself right now.

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