Great idea! In a surprising home renovation project, a man designed a secret window on the kitchen floor. But what hides under the window will shock you. I bet you would like to have such a thing in your kitchen.

Today, designers offer modern and original interior solutions that not only give the house a special chic and beauty, but also make it functional and comfortable to live in. In addition, such design “highlights” can emphasize the individuality of the residents of the house.

Have you ever seen windows built into the floor? It’s unlikely, because it’s strange, to say the least. At first glance, it may seem that such arrangement of the premises is a grave mistake by the builders. But, as you know, first impressions can be deceiving.

Window to the floor

When we talk about windows, we first of all imagine the source through which natural light enters the room. As a rule, they are built into walls, in rare cases – into the ceiling. However, in this case, the owner of the house decided to act in a more original way and placed the window literally in the floor.

To unknowing people, it may seem that behind the glass door there is a pantry hidden for storing pickles and other products. But the man chose a more interesting option: a window in the floor leads to his own wine cellar. One can only envy such an unusual interior design!

Important Details

To create such a cellar, it is important to carefully consider all the details and features of the home. First, the home needs to have a layout that allows for a mini wine pantry. Secondly, we must not forget about maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity level in the cellar. For this you can use special equipment.

It is better to entrust the arrangement of a wine cellar to someone who really understands this alcoholic drink, since there are many nuances that should be taken into account when storing certain varieties. Ignorance of such features can lead to wines spoiling.
Beautiful solution

In this case, the owner of the pantry thought through everything to the smallest detail. It is worth emphasizing the good location of the cellar: the window is located right in the kitchen, where the drink is usually served during meals.

Bottles are installed on special compartments-shelves, on each of which you can lay out a specific type of drink. In a cellar shaped like a deep well, you can choose places with different temperatures for proper storage of wine.

If the pantry is small, it is better to use a compact spiral staircase, which will conveniently go down to this paradise of the house.

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