Fed up with her nosy neighbors, a woman took drastic measures to secure her privacy. Tired of constant prying eyes, she found a unique and creative solution to isolate herself and reclaim her personal space. Now look what she did, you will be shocked.

Neighbors are unpredictable things. Some look quite decent in appearance. But they can become a headache for everyone living nearby. This is often the case with those who are overly curious.

One woman found an effective way to stop them from watching her every move.

None of your business!

She lived in a private house. And almost every day she noticed that her closest neighbors were showing excessive interest in her. They spied on what she was doing through the windows. At first the woman endured it, but then she got very tired of it.

She thought for a long time about what to do. I knew that words and beliefs alone could not help the cause. And finally, I came up with an idea!

High fence

The first thing she did was go to the construction supply store and buy everything she needed. The second step was to dig holes, the depth of which was 1.5 meters. Third, I placed a 5-meter-long wooden pole in each hole.

Of course, I used cement to keep the large beams in place. He made them heavier and secured them at the base.

The result is a frame. Then the woman bought a lot of boards and used them to make the walls of her building. I cut openings for windows in them and inserted glass.

Moreover, I covered the glass with a special varnish, and it became matte. Look as much as you want – you won’t see anything!

Garlands of light bulbs

In order to completely exclude the possibility of prying for curious neighbors, the owner of the house hung garlands with light bulbs inside the structure, of which there were many. The light from them makes it impossible to see through frosted glass and shadows.

In this way, the resourceful woman protected her peace and privacy from the invasion of her neighbors. Now she can relax not only in the room, but also on the sofa, which is taken out into the open air.

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