An apartment for 150 million is empty. No one wants to live in it. But what hides inside that it costs so much. Now let’s look inside this extravagant $150 million apartment.

Are you sure that you would live in an apartment for 150 million?

It seems that the area is excellent, and the building and rooms are large, but even here you won’t please everyone.

On one of the well-known real estate websites you can find a very colorful description of the property, namely: “Wonderful apartment with a lot of windows.

Spacious and bright. The total living area is 144 square meters. Large kitchen with an area of ​​16 square meters. Huge attic and two back entrances. In addition, the apartment has three bathrooms. Only the total number of rooms was not indicated by the realtor.” Strange. Is not it?

So why then does no one want to live in such an apartment?

As it turned out, the whole point is in the “unmodern” environment. Old-fashioned furniture and other interior details. Original tiles from past centuries combined with antiques and modern technology. Just imagine having to start every morning in a carpeted room. Not everyone wants to live in a museum, because it is not an exhibit. There is no living space on the walls: there are paintings or carpets everywhere! Or the wallpaper is such a color that it becomes scary!

But the functionality of the room has not been thought through, and there is nowhere to put small parts like watering cans and bottles.

The upholstery on furniture looks very cheap due to its pattern. In addition to carpets on the walls, there are carpets on the floor. Sloppy and tasteless.

In addition to the beautiful area, there are other advantages. For example, good neighbors, 24-hour security, but love at such cost is not worth it! Just for fun, you can admire it!

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