Good at any age! Brooke Shields, who gained fame for her role in “The Blue Lagoon,” has aged gracefully 39 years later. What does she look like now ?

Hollywood actress Brooke Shields stood out from everyone else with her gorgeous and unique appearance from an early age. This was the reason that her mother began to promote her daughter into the modeling business so that she could build a successful career in this field. As a child, Shields managed to star in several commercials. After this, offers to act in films followed. At the age of 15, the young actress played the main role in the film “The Blue Lagoon.” The role of Emmeline brought stunning success to young Brooke. The girl instantly received various offers for filming films. The ambitious Shields decided not to miss such tempting film opportunities. She tried with all her might to get rid of the annoying image of a sweet and naive girl, so she starred in films that differed in plot and genre.

She first got married when she was 30 years old. Unfortunately, the marriage cracked and the couple soon divorced. At this moment, Shields’s career was gaining momentum, because she was offered quite serious roles. The actress decided to go through the divorce on the set, so she dove headfirst into work. After 6 years, she married for the second time. She quickly gave birth to two children, because this is what she dreamed of all her life.

At the moment, the Hollywood beauty is 54 years old, but it’s hard to believe, because she is still as spectacular and beautiful as she was decades ago. Her filmography includes more than 60 roles. Most famous directors would not mind working with this talented actress. Brooke has repeatedly said in interviews that her children and husband are the greatest happiness that can be. The years have not affected her stunningness and beauty in any way. She still has a special charm and charisma that makes you fall in love with her from the first seconds.

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