Kim Kardashian plans to rescue Bianca Censori from Kanye West’s “trap”: “It will be the greatest coup”

“It will be the greatest coup”: Kim Kardashian is reportedly planning a major move to help rescue Bianca Censori from what she perceives as Kanye West’s controlling influence. What is she going to do and why does she feel sorry for Bianca ??

The Kardashian-Jenner family has seriously decided to take on Kanye West and save his beloved Bianca Censori, reports In Touch Weekly. It turns out that all this time, Kim was not just steadfastly ignoring the scandalous antics of her ex-husband, but together with her mother Kris Jenner, she was thinking through a plan on how to get the girl out of the “trap.”

Celebrity has long been trying to find the right moment to contact Censori, but this is not easy, because Kanye is next to his wife 24/7 and controls her in everything. There is a possibility that, having learned about the intentions of his ex-wife, he will simply lose his temper. However, Kardashian does not plan to give up. “Kim and Chris agree that it’s only a matter of time before Bianca decides to leave, and they want to be there for her and ensure a soft landing,” an anonymous source told the publication. Kim has long felt pity for the current beloved of her ex and wants to help her, in addition, this will play well on her popularity: after all, mercy is mercy, but the star does not forget about her own benefit. “This will be the biggest coup against Kanye and they will both enjoy it immensely, but more importantly it will send their ratings through the roof. “Both insist it’s not just about the ratings, they feel sorry for Bianca and worry she’s trapped in Kanye’s creepy, controlling, dark world,” the insider added.

Meanwhile, insiders close to Bianca Censori, including her old friends from Australia, continue to insist that the girl makes her own decisions and definitely does not need saving from the evil monster in the person of the rapper.

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