«The Public Is Astonished By Princess Catherine’s New Photos Due To Her Extreme Skinniness!»😳

A recent image of Princess Catherine first confused some, with some asking, “Is that her?” because of her somewhat changed appearance. Nonetheless, given her recent health issues, a lot of supporters sent their encouragement and best wishes.

The excitement began when Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were shown with staff members on social media for the first time, courtesy of Duffryn Mawr Country House, a bed and breakfast in Wales. “We’ve welcomed William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, to Duffryn Mawr for a year now,” the caption said. The royal couple was very pleasant and nice to the B&B workers, who remembered this warmly.

Prince William and Kate relished the opportunity to mingle with the residents and even indulge in pizza from Little Dragon Pizza, a food trailer, while they were there. Kate talked about preparing pizza at home with her kids and showed a special interest in the process of creating the dough. They appear in identical clothes in a picture shot just before they left, which was taken on April 28, 2023, when they visited Aberfan.

Some questioned if the woman in the picture was indeed Princess Catherine, despite the enthusiasm. “Where is Princess Catherine?” and “Is that Kate?” were among the comments. Kate looks incredibly slim, one reviewer said, while another worried, “She looks good.” She may appear a little pale and weak, but these past several months have been trying for her.

Remarks such as “Nothing like her” and “Looking happy and being happy are two different things” were made in response to her look. Many of the fans stayed encouraging despite their differing opinions. “I am eager to see her out and about again,” one person remarked. I adore her beyond measure. To be the queen above all queens. “Happy before she knew what was coming,” another person said.

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