Julia Roberts Shares Photos Of Her Twins: What Do The Heirs Of The Star Whom She Has Always Kept Private Look Like Now?

Hollywood icon Julia Roberts, known for her roles in various movies, recently shared a rare photo of her twins, who are now 19 years old, as babies.


Julia, 56, has been intentional about keeping her children, especially her two eldest, Phinnaeus Walter Moder and Hazel Patricia Moder, out of the public eye.

The recent photo surprised and delighted fans, many of whom praised Roberts for protecting her kids’ privacy.

The actress and her husband, Daniel Moder, have been dedicated to maintaining a private family life, choosing residences in California, New Mexico, and Manhattan to stay away from the constant public gaze.

Julia’s decision to shield her family from scrutiny stems from a desire for a peaceful family life without unnecessary intrusion.

The recent rare snapshot of Julia Roberts cuddling her twins garnered positive reactions from fans, with many expressing admiration for the protective mom and her adorable children.




The photo, in contrast to Julia’s usual privacy, provided a heartwarming glimpse into her role as a loving mother.

Fans were pleased to witness the cherished moments of Julia Roberts with her twins and appreciated her commitment to maintaining a low profile for her family.

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