«No one has ever seen her like this!»: Aniston’s natural look wrapped in a towel and with no makeup caused a stir

Rachel from «Friends» showed herself right after a shower and surprised the fans

J. Aniston is among the stars who see no problem in showing themselves in a completely natural look. She often flaunts her bikini body with no filters and retouching and reveals her natural face with no cosmetics on.

Many are amazed by her agelessly beautiful look wondering how she manages to keep her stunning appearance saying «No» to ageing. People are pleasantly surprised by her toned figure and flawless features.

Even with no makeup, she continues to allure her followers with her unfading beauty and femininity. She never ceases to look well-groomed and attractive.

Her most recent look wrapped in a towel and with no makeup caused mixed reactions on the web. Age and years failed to ruin her incredible beauty and femininity.

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