😨«Selena Gomez’s heated photos with her boyfriend drew criticism from fans who said, “She’s Just Pretending To Be Happy”!»💔

Selena Gomez is going through a difficult time in her life, especially in light of the recent announcement that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is having a child with Hailey, a blogger and businesswoman. While the Bieber pair posts happy photos to social media, Selena is concentrating on starting again after going through a lot throughout the previous ten years.

Gomez has struggled with severe medical conditions, such as a kidney transplant, as well as the psychological fallout from her split with Bieber. Selena is still having trouble with her self-image even after attempting to get her health and confidence back, especially when compared to Hailey, who manages to maintain her stunning appearance even when pregnant.

Despite her challenges, Selena is trying to project resilience and active participation in public life. She has been going to a lot of events, and she just disclosed that she has become friends with her new lover, Benny Blanco. Fans may now feel hopeful, as Selena is in a relationship for the first time in over six years.

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