«Shakira’s first photo with her sons was taken by paparazzi following her difficult divorce from Pique!»😍

The youngest is a blond future beauty, while the eldest is a towering, brown-haired male. Shakira, 47, was recently photographed by photographers with her boys for the first time after her public divorce from soccer player Gerard Pique. The 11- and 9-year-old boys of Shakira resemble their well-known Colombian mother quite a bit.

Due to Gerard Pique’s adultery with a waiter, there was a worldwide controversy that finally caused the pair to split up. The boys seem to have inherited their mother’s appearance, despite the chaos.

“The boys are beautiful,” others remark, and some even go so far as to say that Pique had no hand in creating them. They bear no resemblance to their father.

Many express regret about the breakup of this visually striking duo, stating things like “Shakira and Pique looked very good together” and “What a shame that such a beautiful pair broke up.” “The boys look like both mom and dad” and “They inherited their mom’s looks” are comments made by others.

Shakira’s enduring beauty continues to wow fans, who comment, “Shakira is so beautiful.” “She hasn’t changed in ten years at all,” and “Shakarita seems to have forgotten how to get older.” Additionally, admirers ponder, “What was Pique thinking?” “How could you cheat on a woman of such beauty?”

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