🤯«Wait for the first wave if you believe these are easy steps to follow. 😮 Nothing Is As Easy As It Seems.»(Video)

Did you ever think those were standard cement steps? When the waves start singing their song, you’ll know they’re anything but ordinary!
Large strides allow you to jog alongside them, but that’s not what makes them so spectacular.

Learn about the most incredible musical instrument in the world, which is produced by the water itself rather than by human hands. Following its premiere to the public in 2005, this marvel’s alluring melodies swiftly gained popularity as a tourist attraction.

Designed by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, the sea organ was meant to draw attention to Zadar’s stunning coastline.
Air and water enter through its lowest steps, which resemble a stairway plunging into the sea, and are then directed to resonance chambers under the surface.

After that, they are told to ascend the higher stairway, where they play harmonic music that mimics the rising and falling waves.
The original work’s soothing tones have provided solace to Zadar, a city ravaged by both World War II and the 1991 conflict. Its somber melodies seem to erase the city’s past horrors, offering both residents and visitors a tranquil sanctuary.

Today is a great day to unwind on the steps, enjoy the last of the sunlight, and spend time with friends while enjoying some relaxing music.

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