The chubby girl who conquered the fashion world. Plus size model and daughter of Seagal himself

Kelly LeBrock, daughter of actor Steven Seagal, has made waves in the fashion industry as a plus-size model. If someone tells you that a curvy woman cannot be successful and desirable, show them pictures of Steven Seagal’s daughter!

This plump beauty has captivated the fashion world and men with her portly beauty.

Seagal’s daughter was born in the marriage of an actor and a popular model. When the girl was 3 years old, Seagal exchanged his wife for their daughter’s nanny. It is noteworthy that Stephen forced his wife to name their daughter Arissa in honor of her mistress. “Beautiful girl”, “And dad acted meanly. Now the daughter will remind her mother of the betrayal all her life,”

“Gorgeous woman”, “I really like such women. I’ve never understood men’s love for skinny ladies,”

“What a beautiful girl”, “She looks like her father”, “Why do men do such mean things? The daughter’s name could not be desecrated”, “The girl has a very beautiful mother”,

“Both mother and daughter are beautiful,” netizens write under Arissa’s photos.


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