What Celine Dion looked like while fighting an incurable neurological syndrome: rare footage

Celine Dion was captured while battling an incurable neurological syndrome. She is so pale, you won’t recognize her. 

For 17 years, Celine Dion kept her diagnosis secret: the singer suffers from incurable muscle stiffness syndrome. Due to her illness, the artist even had to leave the stage – attacks resembling suffocation prevented her from singing. For some time, Dion did not appear in public at all, and the news about her condition was increasingly sad. However, Celine now actively talks about the disease, goes out more often, and not so long ago even the premiere of the documentary film “I am Celine Dion” took place, dedicated to her life and the fight against the neurological syndrome in particular.

It contains everything that the singer’s fans have never seen before: rare footage of Celine in tears talking about how the disease took away her ability to walk, and other details of her struggle with the syndrome. Celine Dion showed without embellishment how she fought for life: no makeup and luxurious outfits.

Some photos from the filming ended up on the Internet. This is what the artist, suffering from an incurable illness, actually looked like.

By the way, despite the fact that Celine Dion can now move and even pleases fans with rare public appearances, she still continues to fight the disease every day. However, this does not stop her from looking forward and making plans to return to the stage: the singer believes that she will overcome the disease.

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