😰«She lost 90 pounds and had 50 surgeries to resemble Angelina Jolie!But how beautiful girl she was…💔»

Angelina Jolie is now considered an iconic personality, respected for both her beauty and acting skills because of her movie legacy. Many people across the world, both men and women, consider her to be the pinnacle of beauty, and many try to imitate her look, with differing degrees of success. Sahar Tabar, a young Iranian lady who became well-known online a few years ago after her attempts to mimic Jolie’s features went viral, is one of Angelina Jolie’s followers. Tabar’s attempts initially resembled her hero to some extent, but eventually, her metamorphosis turned into a caricature.

Online, people started referring to Tabar as “Zombie Angelina” as her lips and cheekbones grew more pronounced.

Tabar embraced her internet identity and shared more daring photographs, despite the unusual attention. But Tabar’s sudden fame brought attention from Iranian authorities, who enforced harsh laws with little regard for women’s rights. Regarded as a possible danger to adolescents and charged with blasphemy and inciting violence, Tabar was apprehended in 2019 and given a ten-year jail sentence.

Tabar was lucky enough to get her sentence lowered, and she was freed after just over a year. Human rights activists contended that Tabar’s online identity was just a means of expression. After her release, Tabar disclosed that, while she had undergone many cosmetic treatments, she had excessively Photoshopped her well-known images. She apologized for changing how she looked to achieve attractiveness.

After receiving a lot of media attention for the lowering of her sentence, Tabar agreed to interviews in which she revealed her actual look in unaltered and unfiltered photos. It became apparent that, in actuality, her similarity to Angelina Jolie was far less noticeable. The star doppelganger has currently disappeared from social media, reportedly giving up on her early dreams of being famous.



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