“I will always have an angelic face”: A man covered most of his body with tattoos

Colombian tattoo artist Raiden Craneo Dos Caras, also known as Larry Botello G, shared his experience regarding the reaction he receives due to his transformed appearance. As a father, he gained popularity for his tattoos and body modifications that gave him his signature “demon” appearance.

Raiden began his journey as a tattoo artist at age 12, and by age 27, his body was adorned with ink covering 86% of his skin, including the skull bones tattooed on his face.

At age 17, he also took up body modification, undergoing procedures such as removing the tip of his nose and having horny implants placed on his forehead.

Despite his unconventional appearance, he considers himself an ordinary person, recognizing that appearance does not define his character. He expressed his views by stating: “I consider myself a human being like everyone else.” Sometimes people who look normal turn out to be the most terrible creatures.”

However, Ryden admitted that he faces negativity online, with hateful comments on social media being a common occurrence. However, he noted that in real life, people rarely confront him about his appearance.

Surprisingly, some children admire his appearance, and his mother affectionately reminds him that despite all the changes, he will always have an angelic face.

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