Why did Tom Cruise’s youngest daughter actually give up her father’s last name?

The truth is revealed!! Now everyone knows why Tom Cruise’s youngest daughter actually gave up her father’s last name. You will be shocked to know the reason.

Giving up their father’s surname is a new trend for children who are dissatisfied with the behavior of their star parent. Thus, Brad Pitt’s three daughters, and now Tom Cruise’s daughter from Katie Holmes, have declared their reluctance to communicate with their dad. At first, 18-year-old Suri simply did not want to have anything in common with Tom, even refusing his financial support, and then she completely changed her name , getting rid of the surname Cruise. From now on, Suri’s girlfriend is Noelle, not Noelle Cruz.

Insiders said that in this way Suri decided to show Tom that he had no way in her life. However, it has now become known that in fact the reason for the name change lies not so much in the father as in the girl’s mother. The new name, Page Six writes, was chosen to honor Katie Holmes since Noel, which Suri chose as her last name, is her mom’s middle name. In addition, in this way Noelle wants to acquire her own individuality: very soon she will go to college, and it was extremely important for her not to be associated with her peers with the actor’s surname.

Let us remind you that Suri Noel is the youngest daughter of Tom Cruise and his only child with Katie Holmes. The girl, unlike her brother and sister (the adopted children of the Mission: Impossible star and Nicole Kidman), has not maintained any communication with her father for more than 10 years. The main reason is Scientology, to which Tom has been faithful for many years. It is because of the religious views that the actor’s older children inherited from him that Kidman’s son and daughter do not maintain contact with her. Katie Holmes feared the same fate awaited her and shielded Suri from Cruise.

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