😳«A 93-year-old Australian billionaire, worth $19 billion, tied the knot for the fifth time.»🤯(Rare Wedding and Honeymoon Photos)

The internet is buzzing about a 93-year-old groom in a tuxedo and trainers and a 67-year-old bride wearing a white bridal gown.

With an estimated net worth of $19 billion, the 93-year-old Australian millionaire married Elena, a Russian woman, for the fifth time. It’s interesting to note that Elena was formerly Abramovich’s mother-in-law.

This adorable couple’s wedding has already received thousands of likes on their first exclusive images. Fans’ comments show a mixture of respect and surprise: “We made it, phew!” Additionally, I was concerned that the groom might not survive to witness it. “What matters most is that they are happy together.” “Excellent.” “Why would he do that?”

He might have employed a caregiver with his money,” and “I appreciate the European mentality.” They desire to live forever, irrespective of their circumstances or state of health.

Some others said, “He has a taste for life,” and “Money works wonders.” The phrases “May he live happily ever after,” “He prolonged his life, and she shortened it,” and “Many thirty-year-olds are deprived of this privilege.”

What do you think about their marriage?

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