Happy birthday to her father, who is 93 years old: Madonna, 65, said while sporting translucent tights.

The 65-year-old Madonna recently sent her 93-year-old father happy birthday wishes, even though she was dressed in a way that made some of her fans laugh.

The iconic pop artist, dressed in a miniskirt and skimpy tights, posed for happy pictures with her ailing father.
While many of Madonna’s fans were moved by her choice of clothes for the event, several others voiced their disgust.

In the social media photographs, Madonna offered her father a tight hug for the camera, making him appear frail and dependent on a cane.

Despite the mixed responses to her outfit choice, Madonna’s followers praised her for loving her father and making sure he was well-cared for in his senior years.

Comments from admirers ranged from gratitude for having living parents to mild disapproval of Madonna’s unconventional attire for the occasion. Even still, the majority of people were amazed by Madonna’s dedication to her father’s care and her acknowledgment of his momentous birthday.

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