Nothing to do with grandma: the appearance of 17-year-old granddaughter Sophia Loren was discussed on the Internet

Sophia Loren’s granddaughter, 17-year-old Lucia, is turning heads with her striking looks that have captivated the internet. Fans are buzzing about her distinct beauty and style

Sophia Loren has always been considered one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in world cinema. A languid look, plump lips, a luxurious figure and a thick head of hair. The beauty of Sophia Loren did not leave anyone indifferent. Fans and fellow actors fell in love with her. Only Lauren herself gave her heart to Carlo Ponti.

They lived their entire lives together, until Ponti’s death. The couple has two children together. And today Sophia Loren is enjoying old age with her grandchildren.
The eldest granddaughter Lucia can be called her grandmother’s favorite. She is now 17 years old. So far, the girl has not decided on her future profession. However, Lucia is interested in dancing.

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