She had no equal in Hollywood! What Will Smith’s wife looked like in her youth before she went bald

Hollywood actor Will Smith has been faithful to his wife for 26 years. Will and Jada legalized their relationship in 1997, raising 2 heirs. Will has repeatedly proven his devotion and love to his chosen one.

Will Smith and his wife on a walk

Surely, many of you remember how Will stood up for his wife after the host’s joke regarding Jada’s unusual beauty.

Let us remember that Smith’s wife has alopecia.

Will and Jada in their youth

“I was taking a shower when I suddenly felt that there were pieces of hair left in my hand. I looked at them for a long time and couldn’t understand, am I really going bald?” the woman admitted. Will and Jada were called one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood in the early 90s.

The wife of a Hollywood actor in her youth

For a long time, Smith’s wife could not come to terms with her new appearance. Jada denied reality and hid behind wigs.

After years of working on herself, Smith finally appeared in public without a wig. “She is beautiful in any form”, “It’s a pity”, “Jada was so beautiful”, “She was lucky with her husband”

“Will stands by her like a mountain,” “It’s great that he didn’t leave his wife after this happened to her,” Netizens write under archival photos of the couple.

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