«She was a style icon of the 1970s! 😳But now nobody recognize her!»😱

Nobody knows blondes like Marilyn Monroe! At seventy-four, many people still struggle to identify this icon of the 1970s. Nonetheless, Soviet fashionistas used to copy her charms. Name the individual to whom we are referring.

Agnetha Fältskog of the well-known group ABBA was born on this day in 1974. Remarks such as “My favorite musical group” and “I knew her right away” were streamed in.

It’s encouraging that, unlike many of her friends, she refrained from getting too many cosmetic operations done. “She looks amazing considering her age.”

“She appears mature for her age.” “She stays true to herself: no cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery.”

Comments like “I love this singer” and “Our youth” were posted beneath the pictures of the well-known blonde.

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