😳«After a long time Sharon Stone gladly shown her adoptive son and congratulate his cheerful 24th birthday.»💗

Celebrity Sharon Stone recently celebrated her adoptive son’s birthday, a momentous occasion for her family. His mother sent sincere birthday greetings to Roan, who is now 24 years old, along with infrequent peeks into their common past.

To mark the occasion, Stone posted heartwarming photos of Roan’s development from a little child to the young man he is now on Instagram. A few of the pictures showed Roan with his brothers in their early years, highlighting their close relationship.

Stone’s message of joy and affection accompanied the pictures: “Happy birthday, Roan! Greetings, Mom.

Since Sharon Stone does not have any biological children of her own, it is notable that she became a mother by adoption.

She adopted Quinn in 2006 and Laird in 2005 after bringing Roan into her family in 2000.


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