😳«The 36-year-old mother has given birth to 11 children in the past 13 years, and she intends to enlarge her family.»😱

For thirteen years, Courtney Rogers, thirty-six, has been blissfully married to her pastor husband, Chris.

Eleven children—six boys and five girls—are raised by them and their spouses; the youngest is just six months old.

Courtney recently expressed her wish to grow their family even further, hoping for two more kids.

The couple estimates that they will need about $1300 each month, and they handle their money very carefully. Courtney uses thrifty methods such as buying clothes at a discount and staying home instead of eating out because homemade food is more affordable.

Their kids attend homeschooling, which is customized to meet their various requirements and reduce excessive desk time. The huge family has access to a 15-seater vehicle for transportation.

In spite of her mother’s sporadic criticism over the difficulties of having several children, Courtney declares her undying dedication to her family.

Courtney highlights the closeness and love between her children, who are not enrolled in traditional schools or childcare and are always by her side.

Remarkably, the couple envisions adding even more children in the future and has no intention of stopping their ambitions to grow their family.


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