Did you know that Patrick Swayze, in addition to all his talents, was also an excellent singer?

Beyond his iconic roles and dance moves, Patrick Swayze was also a talented singer. His musical abilities added another layer to his multifaceted career. His voice touches the soul! What a great man…he was

These two made an excellent duet, performing at a concert dedicated to the memory of Roy Orbison, who died in 1988.

Patrick Swayze and Larry Gatlin, who were good friends and had sung together before, decided to perform their version of “Love Hurts.” This unique performance came as a surprise to many.

The unusual duo had their own story.

“We’re good friends,” Gatlin told CNN after Patrick Swayze’s death in 2009.

“I met him in 1986 in Austin, Texas. I was in the elevator, and when the doors opened, I exclaimed: “Oh, Patrick Swayze! I like your acting!” He replied, “Larry Gatlin, I like your music and your songs.” Then I asked him: “Shall we be friends?”, and he replied: “That’s a great idea!”

Country music legend Larry Gatlin and actor Patrick Swayze collaborated on the song “Brothers” for the soundtrack to Swayze’s film Next of Kin.

When it comes to music, Swayze is probably best known for the song “She’s Like the Wind”, written and performed for the film Dirty Dancing. Although, I would never have thought that the song was performed by him, because Wendy Fraser also sang this song, so opinions differ.

However, Swayze’s talent was multifaceted. He sang excellently, danced excellently, wrote and composed music.

Talented people are talented in everything, that’s what Patrick was, no matter what he did, he achieved success in this craft!

Everyone should listen to the beautiful composition “Love Hurts” performed by Patrick Swayze and remember what an amazing person he was!

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