Yes It shouldn’t be like that! The actor’s fans gasped when they found out who is shown in the photo

You won’t believe who’s in this photo! Fans are in shock after discovering the true identity of the person in the picture. Surely, each of you will remember the actor after seeing archival photos of the star in the comments 

Surely, each of you will remember actor Tim Curry after seeing archival photos of the star.

Tim is remembered by the younger generation for his role in the film “Home Alone.” The actor played the concierge Mr. Hector. Curry also did an excellent job with the role of the clown in the film “It”.

The actor has many roles in films, and some characters from our favorite cartoons speak in Curry’s voice. Now Curry is 77 years old and does not crumple in the movies. The actor cannot move and function without the help of strangers. Tim had a stroke.

Despite such obvious changes in Tim’s appearance and behavior, fans of the Hollywood star remember their favorite actor and even congratulate Tim on the holidays.

“What a pity”, “Such a bright and talented artist”, “It can’t be”, “I don’t want to believe it”, “Very sad”, “Tim, we remember you young and healthy”,

“One of the best actors,” I read in the comments under Curry’s new photo.

Do you remember this actor?

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