😳«The outcome of a 58-year-old woman’s facelift surgery surprised everyone, and she even thought about updating her passport!»❤

Everyone is in shock at a woman’s recent facelift surgery, which left her looking fifty-eight, with comments like “She looks thirty!” The remarkable developments in cosmetic surgery are demonstrated by the change.

A video that showed Angelica’s metamorphosis went viral and received almost 300,000 likes in addition to 14 million views. Angelica, who was 58 years old, went to plastic surgeon Dr. Sandara Nikolaeva for advice on how to seem both young and natural. Her facelift was an incredible success, and people all across the world were awestruck by how young and renewed she looked.

Dr. Nikolaeva disclosed that a facelift and a circular blepharoplasty were among Angelica’s operations. The facelift procedure included liposuction of the chin and neck, platysmaplasty, and the removal of extra skin from the face and neck. Her eyes were revitalized and seemed more youthful, thanks to the circular blepharoplasty.

Her face’s structure was altered, the main indications of age were removed, and the chin and nose creases were smoothed out by these several surgeries. It is anticipated that the operation will have long-lasting results, giving the patient a harmonious and young appearance for at least ten years. In barely two weeks following the procedure, the outcomes were presented. The surgeon said that, even with considerable edema, the new features on the face were immediately noticeable.

The majority of comments on the video hailed the result: She was stunning to begin with, but she’s changed so much since then! She appears to be thirty years old. “She must get a new passport.” “She appears to be thirty!” Other amazing makeovers by Dr. Nikolaeva include the astonishing regeneration of 49-year-old Ekaterina.

What is your opinion about this transformation? Would you like to try the same procedure? Share your opinion in the comments!



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