An ordinary woman lost 130 kg, stunning the Internet with her transformation

I can’t believe my eyes, it’s like two different people. This is what I understand – willpower! She turned into a slender beauty😍👏👏👏

Today I came across an interesting page on Instagram and decided to share my find with our subscribers. Meet Tatyana Demyanenko. The woman shared her story with her subscribers, inspiring netizens to make huge changes.

It’s hard to believe that this stylish woman once looked completely different. Tanya showed her pictures taken before she lost weight, stunning the Network. Let us remind you that Demyanenko managed to lose 130 kg.

Great result, isn’t it?  “I can’t believe my eyes”, “Bravo, Tatyana”,

“You are a real motivator”, “What a great guy you are”, “Keep it up”, “Great result,” write Tanya’s subscribers.

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