Due to the unusual shape of the head, the parents abandoned the child. But loving hearts were found and gave the baby a new life.

How the life of a little boy has changed in a new loving family.

Dima doesn’t remember his parents. All due to the fact that his biological mother and father left him as soon as the boy was born. The couple was afraid of the complex rehabilitation process – Dima was born with a serious form of hydrocephalus.

With a serious illness and no prospects, the boy ended up in one of the orphanages in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine. At four years old, he did not know how to use a spoon and had difficulty moving – the system was not ready to deal with the baby. In addition, military operations had just begun at this time.

It was decided to evacuate the children from the orphanage. The orphans were transported to Kharkov.

In the new city they took Dima’s health more seriously. The doctors were horrified by his condition: the baby was barely alive. But with the help of doctors, he quickly recovered. How possible is this in his situation…

The doctors were concerned about the boy’s fate. They prayed that he would have good parents. And, apparently, the prayers of Kharkov specialists were heard. A couple from the United States became interested in Dima’s fate. Ernest and Ruth Chavez from Vermont expressed their desire to take the boy.

In the big Chavez house there were already seven children from different countries. Dima, for whom they traveled thousands of kilometers, became the eighth baby. Experienced adoptive parents quickly collected the necessary papers, and already in September 2015, Dima received a new name. Now his name is Zebdayah Chavez.


The couple wrote about Dima-Zebdayakh’s progress on their Facebook account. In just a year, the boy began to move independently and eat food. He understands two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English. And he can even speak on his own.

American doctors give good prognoses. All because the dropsy did not affect the main lobes of his brain. Most likely, Zebdayakh will face many serious procedures or even operations in the future. But with the support of responsible parents, he will definitely cope.

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