The 28-year-old “hipster” was dressed “femininely” at the request of her husband. But the girl was furious at her appearance.

The 28-year-old “hipster” was dressed “femininely” at the request of her husband.. But the girl was furious with her appearance…See the dramatic transformation of this 28-year-old hipster and her unexpected reaction. 🔥💄”

In one of the episodes of the show “Fashionable Sentence,” a 28-year-old girl named Wanda underwent a transformation.  The girl’s style is very extraordinary and is somewhat similar to the hippie style, which was very popular at one time. Wanda is not the girl’s real name, in fact her name is Alina.

The girl came to the program in the company of her husband.  The man did not like the image of his wife, and he even annoyed him; he wants to see his wife more stylish and feminine.

As an excuse, the girl said that when they met, she looked the same as she does now.

Although Wanda has an unusual style, her husband still loves her, and he chose all new looks on his own.   The girl herself is quite attractive, with an excellent figure.

In all images you can see her long legs and thin waist. Her hairstyle greatly spoils the images; her braids should be undone.

The stylists did not make major changes to the girl’s appearance; her hair remained the same length and the color did not change dramatically.  The images were chosen to be bright and interesting; they fit well into Wanda’s extraordinary style.

The first set  includes a suit with a bright print and a silk blouse in a delicate blue shade. The girl immediately had a “sour” expression on her face as soon as she saw herself in the mirror.

The second outfit  consisted of loose striped trousers and a blouse with puffed sleeves. The main character liked it a little more than the previous one.

The third image  is presented in the form of a red evening dress, which was able to successfully highlight the girl’s model figure. However, Wanda herself felt that the outfit added age to her, and now she began to feel like she was 38 years old.

The girl was upset and even angry; she wanted to take away the kits that her husband had picked up.

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